In February 2016 a group of motivated students in Groningen noticed a social problem they wanted to solve: many women with a migration background end up in social isolation after completing their official integration course. They often find it difficult to obtain a spot in the labour market, despite the fact that they have an education or master several languages. To solve this problem, the idea arose to create a platform for cultural exchange between Stadjers (citizens of Groningen), students and women with a migration background. What better way than through cooking and eating together? United Kitchen was born! Until the summer of 2017, Marieke, Svea, Lea, Hannah, Paul and Juan brought the concept to life. The fourth student team is now at the helm and United Kitchen has been around for three years already!


These days, United Kitchen is working hard on hosting a corona-proof dinner in the centre of Groningen. During these nights our women will prepare a three course menu for a limited amount of guests. The menu consists of dishes from the native cultures of the women. In this way, United Kitchen wants to stimulate the cultural exchange between our guests and the women in an informal setting. Moreover, our guests can enjoy a lovely meal while our women can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be working in a Dutch business. Besides providing work experience, we help our women in another way. The profits we generate will go back to the women in the form of personal assistance with their integration process. This means that we have individual meetings, and offer financial assistance where necessary so the women can complete trainings or courses. Hence, if you want to enjoy a delicious three course menu and if you want to be part of this integration process at the same time, we would like to invite you to one of our international dinners!