United Kitchen organizes a monthly international dinner in the city center of Groningen. During these evenings the women cook dishes from their own country. In this way United Kitchen tries to stimulate cultural exchange by letting the guests and the women experience different cultures in an informal way. Besides, the guests can enjoy a lovely dinner, and it gives the women an opportunity to work in a Dutch  enterprise. We use the profit to support our women with their integration. So do you want to enjoy a delicious three course dinner and directly contribute to the integration of our women? Then you should definitely attend one of our dinners!

April 5th 2020
Eeterie de Globe
6:00 pm

May 10th 2020
Eeterie de Globe
6:00 pm


Christmas Dinner – Sunday December 15th, 2019

The Christmas dinner was a great success! We served a four course dinner. The appetizer was Armenian filled puff pastries, piroshki, made by Zjanna. Irina made rassolnik, Russian soup with pearl barley and pickles, as a starter. Ha wel golubcie, which are Eastern-European filled cole rolls, were served as the main dish. Irina and Zjanna made the rolls together. For dessert, three small desserts were combined as grand dessert. Huda made Moroccan baklava, and Krisztina made Hungarian cherry-kefir cake and chocolate-coconut balls. It was a great, Christmassy evening!

International Dinner – Sunday October 27th, 2019

The dinner of October was once again a great succes! As a starter Marie-Josée made Congolese peanut peanutsoup. For the main course, Irina and Zjanna made pilav with chicken, rice and salad. The dessert was gata: an amazing Georgian cake with puff pastry and cottage cheese, made by Zjanna. It was a lovely evening with delicious food!

International Dinner – Sunday May 26th, 2019

Sunday the 26th of May the last dinner of the academic year took place! It was such a blast, with both all the people in the kitchen, as all the people present at the dinner. The starter was Georgian chicken soup with rice, also known as harcho, prepared by Irina. The main course consisted of a delicious eggplant stew with chicken. This dish from Azerbaijan is known by its original name; ajapsandal. The dessert consisted of Armenian puff pastry with a filling of walnuts. Next, to the fact that they looked stunning, they had the tastiest sweet flavour as well! It is called troeboschkl and was prepared by Zjanna. All in all, it was a very successful dinner, with many Eastern-European influences!

International Dinner – Sunday April 28th, 2019

Sunday the 28th of April the 15th dinner of United Kitchen took place in the Globe. The starter was made by Zjanna and consisted of an Armenian beetroot soup, called borscht. This hearty soup was made out of carrot, red beetroots and cabbage and was served with crème fraîche. The main course was made by Nina. This time she prepared a delicious Kurdish rice dish with dates and pomegranate syrup. The rice was served with chicken with Kurdish spices, a refreshing salad and pomegranate seeds on top as a garnish. For dessert, Moroccan pastries topped with strawberry and kiwi were served. To accompany the pastries, Hanan and the other women served tradition Moroccan mint tea, poured from authentic teapots Hanan brought along especially for the dinner!

United Kitchen x Omapost – Sunday March 24th, 2019

Sunday the 24th of March the collaboration between Omapost took place in the Wolkenfabriek. Together both the young and the elderly enjoyed a range of typically Dutch dishes with an exotic twist. The started consisted of a mash of potatoes and brussels sprouts, accompanied by smoked mackerel in a Congolese tomato sauce. Krizstina’s delicious vegetarian balls accounted for the vegetarian option of the night. This all was served with some crisps made out of cassava and sweet potato. The main dish consisted of Hungarian pancakes with a filling of chicken and vegetables, served with a creamy paprika sauce. The desert was a flavorful panna cotta with orange zest, served with speculaas crumbs. All of the dishes were so tasty and overall it was a very enjoyable evening! This can of course also clearly be seen on the pictures!

International Dinner – Sunday February 24th, 2019

On Sunday the 24th of February another United Kitchen dinner took place. This edition, we had two new women joining us, namely Horya from Morocco and Zjanna from Russia! Naturally, it got very crowded in the kitchen, as we had a total of 5 women who were all very motivated and eager to participate! The starter was prepared by Krisztina: called Ciorba de perisoara, a tasty vegetable soup with meatballs. This dish got served with both crème fraîche and little peppers. Horya made the stunning main course, a typical Moroccan couscous dish with chicken and vegetables. Contrary to our Dutch way of preparing couscous, this couscous was steamed in a traditional couscoussière. To tie the dish together, she also brought a couple of beautiful plates along to serve the dish on. Every table got a plate, which once again emphasized the communal feeling during this dinner. This was very important to Horya, as in the Moroccan cuisine the whole family eats from the same dish! The dessert was a Brazilian fruit salad, called salada de frutas, and was prepared by Leila. Fresh strawberries, melon and even pieces of avocado, coated in a sauce of condensed milk, all together were the perfect way to finish up our evening. All in all, it was a successful dinner!

International Dinner – Sunday January 27th, 2019

On Sunday the 27th of January, the first dinner of 2019 took place again! The year started off right for our chef Nina from Iraq, who took the responsibility for both the starter and the dessert upon herself. Next to this, Marie-Josée prepared a lovely Congolese main dish for our guests. The starter, shorbei na’ana, consisted of a Middle-Eastern soup with rice and fresh mint, which created a delicious fresh note in the dish. After that, the main dish came along, called: loso na madesu batshia mbisi ya kokawuka, na soso ya kokalinga. A long name, but fitting for this course with so many ingredients: a bean dish with both fish and chicken, served with rice. It was filled with all the local flavours and like Marie-Josée said so well, it immediately welcomed you to Congo! As was mentioned above, Nina was also responsible for the very tasty dessert. The fun part of this was the fact it almost perfectly mirrors a typical Dutch dessert, but this time it had an unique Iraqi twist. The twrta is an Iraqi cake with chocolate and biscuits, that has a lot of resemblance with the well-known Dutch arretjes cake. However, the twist that was given to it was the aspect that pleasantly surprised the guests! This dinner was also the first of many that our new projectleader Saskia will host! In the past, she was responsible for the marketing aspect but has now taken it upon herself to lead United Kitchen and will from now on be the one to lead al the introductory speeches of the women.

Christmas dinner – Sunday December 16th, 2018

The last United Kitchen dinner of 2018 took place on Sunday, December 16th. In the holiday month of December the dinner had to be even more festive than usual of course. To this end, we called in the help of Brazilian chef Giovanni. He has been living in the Netherlands for a few years and prepared the dishes together with the women. Gio and Laila from Brazil prepared the appetizers and the main course. The first dish was canja de galinha: clear chicken soup with rice. This dish, just as Dutch chicken soup, is a typical dish Brazilian mothers make when a child isn’t feeling well. The next dish that is commonly eaten in Brazil on Boxing Day is arroz de carreteiro: rice with grilled BBQ meat and vegetables. On Christmas day the whole family gets together to barbecue and on Boxing day the leftovers are included in this rice dish. Both courses were delicious and the preparations were running smoothly, thanks to Gio and his experience as a chef! And to top it all off, Nina from Iraq made a duo dessert, consisting of baklava and mhalabi, a sweet milk-pudding with rosewater. Baklava is often made to celebrate a holiday, but Nina mentioned that she makes it once in every two or three months, because her children love it. We totally understand why, because it was mouth-watering. Together with the mhalabi it was the perfect end of our festive Christmas dinner!

International dinner – Sunday November 25th, 2018

After our summer break and the time we needed for the recruitment of new members, another United Kitchen dinner finally took place on Sunday the 25th of November. Marie-Josée has already been involved with United Kitchen for a long time and every dinner we can count on her to help cook the dishes, but it had been a long time since one of her dishes had been on the menu. However, this dinner changed this and she was in charge of the starter. For the guests she prepared supu ya mbala: a Congolese vegetable soup with, amongst other things, cassava and sweet potato, which was delicious! Krisztina from Transylvania has prepared both the starter and dessert for the previous events, and this time she was responsible for the main course. Ze prepared lencsefőzelék sült virslivel: a lentil stew with potato balls and sausages, served with sauerkraut and a salad. This an unexpected but very tasty combination, fitting for the gloomy winter weather outside! For the dessert Laila from Brazil got to work and brought us a delicious orange pudding, pudim de laranja. Together with a caramel sauce and a slice of the orange, it was a worthy finish of this delicious three course dinner!

International dinner – Sunday June 3rd, 2018

On Sunday the 3rd of June the United Kitchen dinner again took place in the Eeterie de Globe. Laila from Brazil prepared the starter, vatapá com arroz. Vatapá is a shrimp stew with coconut milk, served with rice. It’s a dish which is commonly eaten in the north of Brazil, and for Laila and her family this dish is a proper feast. Nina from Iraq took on the main dish and en cooked فاصوليا (fasoulia). This dish consists of white beans in a flavourful tomato sauce and was served with a mix of rice, potato, chicken and almonds. Last but not least, Krisztina from Transylvania was in charge of the desert and prepared for us túrógombóc. These little cottage cheese balls were rolled in cookie crumbs and were served with whipped cream and black berry jam. It was the favorite dessert of both Krisztina and her children. We very much enjoyed all of the dishes and the lovely evening!

United Kitchen x Syrian Food – Sunday April 29th, 2018

Our dinner in April had a special theme again, linked to a specific country: Syria. The dinner was a collaboration with the catering company Syrian Food; a company specialized in organizing dinners, parties and other events. Together, Syrian Food and the women of United Kitchen, cooked a very special dinner! The starter was a lovely lentil soup, a classic dish from the Middle-East, served with bread. For the main course several small bites were joined together to create a diverse culinary experience. Together they made beef stew with okra, puff pastry bites filled with cheese and spinach, baby ghanouj (eggplant dip), and a fattoush salad served with rice. Not only the taste of the food was amazing, but also a feast for both the eyes and the nose due to all the different colours and delicious smells. The dessert was a variation of traditional Syrian sweets such as, among other things, qatayef ( a small filled, sweet pancake). Both the dinner and the collaboration were a great success and we would like to thank Mustafa from Syrian Food, our women, and of course our guests!

International dinner – Sunday March 4th, 2018

The United Kitchen dinner on Sunday the 4th did not have a theme linked it to a specific cultural background. Instead, it was a very international dinner as it consisted of three courses from three different countries. Krisztina from Transylvania took care to the starter and made Hungarian töltött tojas: eggs filled with home-made (vegetarian) paté, served with crudités. Her version gave a multicultural twist to a Dutch classic. The main was cooked by Laila from Brazil, who made baiao de dois, a stew filled with beans, capsicum, peas, (vegetarian) sausage and rice. Even after all of the guests, the women and the United Kitchen team had had there share, so much was still left! Luckily, there is this thing called Tupperware! And last but certainly not least, an amazing dessert named Leche Flan was made by Jessa from the Philippines. This version of crème caramel is made with dulce de leche and served with blueberries and a caramel sauce. Jessa told us the funny story behind the origin of this dessert, which has everything to do with the creation of concrete! Apparently, they used to make concrete with egg yolks and a lot of egg white was being unused. The wives of the construction workers thought it would be too much of a waste to throw all of this away and came up with a solution: a dessert! They used the leftover egg whites to create a dessert and this is how Leche Flan was born. A perfect end to a great dinner and evening.


Hungarian Dinner – Sunday November 24th, 2017

The Hungarian Bernadett was fully in charge of this dinner, and arranged all three recipes! We hosted our Hungarian dinner in restaurant Salmagundi’s in Groningen. The starter was a warm vegetable goulash with tomatoes and bell peppers. This was followed by a Hungarian lasagna made with beef, potato slices and a creamy sauce. The dessert was based on the recipe from a famous Hungarian chef: thin pancakes with a filling of rum and crushed walnuts, topped with chocolate sauce. The guests were very pleased with the dishes, and Bernadett herself was very happy that she got to present her Hungarian dishes to a Dutch audience!