United Kitchen is nominated for the Embassy of Tolerance 2019!
Go to www.paleisvandeverdraagzaamheid.nl to vote for us.
On behalf of the United Kitchen team, we thank you for your vote!


The team of United Kitchen consists of seven enthusiastic students: Celina, Emma, Florine, Ilse, Lieke, Lindy and Saskia. Each of us is responsible for a different function within the team. Together we create a platform for cultural exchange and integration, where the focus lies on our women. We organise the dinners of United Kitchen, give personal assistance to our women and try to expand and improve our organization.

Ilse de Vries
Event manager

Florine Kits van Heijningen
Human Resources

Lieke Molenaar
Human Resources

Celina Heemskerk

Lindy Horsman

Emma Smink


Saskia Hendriksen
Project leader


Our women come from all over the world, for example Brazil, Hungary, the Philippines, Romania, Congo, and Iraq. They come from various countries, speak different languages and are being raised in different cultures with different traditions. What they all have in common is that they love cooking! United Kitchen combines this passion for food with integration, by letting the women cook for and with Dutch natives. In this way the women will experience what it is like to present themselves to a group, they can practice their Dutch and they obtain working experience in a Dutch enterprise. Besides that, we support the women with their integration by individual support in finding a job, getting education or achieving other ambitions they may have.